Our Services

Education and training

We provide quality training and education to a variety of colleges, employers, school and the general public. We have developed a curriculum which has enabled us to successfully deliver excellent provision throughout the country.

Campaigns and activations

We conceptualise, produce and manage interactive campaign activations on any scale, where we strengthen the desired behaviour of that particular campaign. With our experience in activations, we initiate a relationship between the community and their behaviour by providing the opportunity and the motivation for communities to engage with the campaign.

Social mobilisation

Our social mobilisation activities include door-to-door, dialogues, interpersonal communication, media campaigns and we have the capacity to host large awareness events.

Conduct wellness activities

We offer tailored wellness activities by providing group workshops and interventions aimed at creating awareness on living a healthy lifestyle.


We empower communities to have access to information which relates health, human rights and social issues.



FFL Development was formed by a number of professionals from different community development backgrounds. It consists of retired professional footballers as well as skilled, knowledgeable individuals with a background in delivering community development to various organisations ranging from schools, to correctional facilities, government departments, NGO’s and other community centres. 

FFL Development is highly skilled in positively influencing the behavior of communities on issues of social change and public health by conducting awareness campaigns, facilitating community dialogues, social mobilisation, life skills and wellness programmes.


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